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Name:Dimensionally Transcendental Love
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Community description:Showing some love for that most loyal of companions
For lovers of the TARDIS, time machine and long term companion of the Doctor. A place to show some love for that mysterious blue box, discuss her relationships with those that travel within her and debate just how sentient she actually is. (Or if in fact the TARDIS has a gender). Discussion, meta, fic, icons are all welcome so long as they focus on the TARDIS and/or her relationship with the universe or her passengers.

Discussions of other TARDISes and their relationships with our favourite blue box, their owners and others, from both canon and extended canon, past, present and potential are also welcome.

For courtesy's sake please make use of lj cuts for fic, large/multiple graphics and warn for spoilers (bare in mind this is a show with 45 years worth of canon and huge amounts of additional material, so don't make presumptions about what people will have seen) and rate accordingly.


Also, you don't have to love everyone that travelled in the TARDIS, but you do need to be willing to entertain the notion that the TARDIS did.

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